Tuesday, 13 July 2010

One year on: a new start

It is exactly one year from the day that I stopped updating this blog. I was a technical director and line manager to around a dozen people or so in a 50 man company that I helped to start. As I write this post, I’m sitting in my kitchen at the beginning of a new venture with two friends hoping to repeat the success of my last seven years.

This time, to make sure that nothing is lost or forgotten along the way, I have decided to keep a blog to record the trials and tribulations of a new start-up second time around. Pop over to www.manageastartup.com and join Mike, Roger and me to see what happens.

So, why update this blog? Well, everything I learnt in creating the manifesto is going to shape what I do in this company. Can I form this company in the image of the manifesto? What would such a company look like? Does the manifesto end up getting changed as a result?

I don’t know whether our new company will succeed. I feel it will and I feel we have the ability to make it happen. So if ever there is an opportunity to see what works with the manifesto and what doesn’t, it’s this. I’ll update this blog with the management specific stuff and hopefully you’ll join me in seeing what happens to me, the company and the manifesto.

My fingers are firmly crossed.