Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Management philosophy carnival (June '09 edition)

Hello all, and welcome to a sunny June edition of the ManageASmile blog carnival. I hope you find these articles as interesting as I did.

As a slight change to the carnival, I have added a word count to help you choose based on how much time you have, and I've also added an article that I read and made me smile. I'll try to find at least one article like this for future carnivals. If you're feeling low, then skip to the end and get your smile count up.

Consider how you communicate to get the maxmum results and improve your leadership (612 words):

I tweeted this it was so good, but hold on to your hats as Penelope Trunk doesn't pull her punches. This article is about how we pick people we work with (691 words):

There are many factors that make a great work place. This article describes some of the key factors to consider (391 words):

Ok, let's not get defensive, but here is some tips on avoiding work place sabotage... we've all had it (971 words):

....and finally, here is a little news article that made the hair on my neck stand up and kept me smiling all day (289 words):


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