Wednesday 20 May 2009

Enjoy it!

Are you smiling right now? Were you smiling a minute ago? Going to smile in the next hour? I hope so.

I've spent the last few months writing about the different experiences I've had changing from a metrics manager to a people manager. I've explained what I think you should do... what I think you shouldn't do. I don't imagine I've got it all right, but it felt right at the time, and I definitely feel I'm improving as a manager and my teams are improving as a result. However, I did forget to mention one little point; enjoy it!

The great thing about treating people as human beings rather than numbers, is that it feels good. Treating and being treated as a person, an individual, with opinions, ideas and a future, feels right. Ok, sometimes we have to try a few different techniques to connect. Sometimes there is such a history of poor treatment that it takes a long time to restore trust. But ultimately, if your working relationships are good, and you treat people well, it will feel right, and you will feel happier.

Not sure? Well imagine turing up at a waiting room and being told to take a number and sit down. It doesn't feel great to be treated like that, and yet if you arrived in the same waiting room and were greeted by a smiling face who asked your name, how you were, and told you roughly how long the wait might be, you'd feel better; happier, right? Well the ridiculous thing is that it's not just you who'd feel happier, the receptionist would too.

We're force fed lots of images every day about what will make us happier, but you may have noticed that the ad men no longer resort to showing pictures of their products, they show images of people connecting, sharing, kissing, laughing. They sell their products by selling the idea that you will have great experiences with other people if you buy their widget cream. Unlucky for them then that you can get all of that for free, right in your place of work. No widget cream required

If you're not sure what I'm on about then strike out today and do something caring for a colleague or team member and see how you feel. For eveyone else, enjoy smiling today.


  1. There are people who walk this earth every day too afraid to speak for themselves. I have a good example of this at present. About 2 months ago someone moved into a flat in the next building to mine.

    This person plays loud club music, thumping bass noises and everything else every night for hours and hours and all day every day during the weekend.

    It annoys me, the bizarre thing is, this person is not in my building, even more so, he is not on my floor, but one below. If it annoys me so much with such a distance, what must it be for the people around him? Why do they not say something? because they're most likely afraid.

    We have forgotten how to stick up for ourselves. Showing your own happiness, does not always reflect the happiness of others and can in-fact produce the reversed result.

    The only single individual alive today who can spread happiness and good will to all men is Father Christmas.

    Everyone else must be united in the spreading of good will, otherwise it can appear false. REF: Friends, The one with the Baldwin.

  2. Well, good luck with your neighbour... I hope they get the message and respect the people around them.

    Maybe set your sights a little lower. We don't need to spread happiness to all men, just the people around you. If they're cynical, then it's OK, as long as you're genuine I'm sure it'll make a difference. Also remember that you're with your colleagues much longer than you're with your friends. That makes happiness at work even more important.

    Good luck.

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