Wednesday 8 April 2009

Management philosophy carnival (April '09 edition)

Hi, and welcome to the April edition of the Manage A Smile blog carnival on management philosophy. I've got some great posts for you to read this month, although I have cheated slightly as I found a couple of great posts from 2007 and snuck them in.

I hope these posts help you along the path of enlightened management, or at least give you something to think about.

I'll start with the first of two posts from the Zealise blog in March. This article is about the benefits of being able to let go.

The second post on Zealise is a wise word on company principles. If you read this and think it's something you should be doing, then pop over to my manifesto for some ready-made people centric principles to get you started.

That last post linked to a previous contributor to the carnival at the Slow Leadership blog. Now, if even governments have decided that they need to focus more on people than profits, isn't it time you did?

It's a shame that this next blog is no longer updated. I managed to stumble across it on a link from Positive sharing (see inspiration list), and I couldn't leave them out even though they're old.

This last post was at least genuinely published in March, so I feel a little less bad. If you set goals, then have you considered all of the effects? They may not all be good.

I've saved one of the best 'til last. If you're not delegating work as a manager, then crikey. Read this now!

In case you're new to this blog or haven't kept up with life at Manage A Smile, then this March I posted on the following:

Happiness needs process, or just because I care about you being happy, doesn't mean that you don't use flow charts any more:

Ouch. This on hit a nerve, but I still stand my the idea that sacking people may be necessary in order to create happiness at work:

I love to recruit, it makes me feel like a football manager:

The first of two posts that mention poetry. I fear this may dent my credibility with some parts of the audience. I refer those people to my previous analogy of football manager:

That's it for this month's carnival. I hope you find these articles as useful as I did. I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions for other bloggers.