Sunday 1 March 2009

Management philosophy carnival (March '09 edition)

Hi there and welcome to the March edition of the Manage A Smile blog carnival. I hope you find these articles on management philosophy as interesting as I did.

If you’re looking for a new way to manage or be managed, or have your own views and want to share them, then please get in contact by adding a comment.

Ever seen the top employee get promoted to manager and then fall flat on their face or at least bumble and stumble their way through the first painful months and years? Well this detailed article provides a good review of research into this phenomenon.

There is little worse in management than to stifle natural energy and enthusiasm, so understand it, use it and love it.

The ManageASmile manifesto is a set of five principles to help managers manage better. This next article is a slightly longer set of pointers and essential reading for managers everywhere.

Here’s a quickie but it could help you see conflict at work in a very different way indeed.

This last article is a reminder to all thoughtful managers not to forget about maintaining happiness as well as creating it.


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