Thursday 1 January 2009

Quick reference

I've provided this page for anyone to get to answers more quickly and for new comers to the blog to get started. Your comments are encouraged, no matter how old the post.


What am I doing and why? My first post explaining how and why I decided to change how I managed people... How I Knew My Management Philosophy Was Wrong

The manifesto I've created to define the management philosophy that will be behind everything I do as a manager and a worker... The Management Philosophy Manifesto

Top Tips

What to do if everyone is blaming each other for being the cause of their unhappiness... The Real Problem of Blame Culture

Why trying to set numeric targets alone is not going to help you achieve greatness... Measuring Real Performance

Why you might not be reacting the right way when you see Facebook or YouTube appearing on people's monitors at work... How to react when people aren't working

Ever find people detaching themselves to stop getting stressed. Ever do it yourself? Read this post to see why that could be a mistake... Why you don't want robots

Overcoming barriers

Why you're not alone, if you find people focussed management philosophies make you squeemish... The Embarrasment of Happiness

Dealing with scepticism to new ideas... Communicating Philosophies

Why you'll have problems including the sales teams in your changes and how to address it... Why Sales People Aren't Different